Content Management System

Manage your own content

A Content Management System, or CMS, provides a means for adding and editing the content which appears on a website without having to change any complex code. We have built our CMS with the sole focus of making it as easy as possible for users to manage their own content.


Our dashboard provides you with a quick snapshot of what content is currently live on your website, such as how many pages are active or how many news articles have been published. Here you can also see any recent activity and customer enquiries submitted via your website.

We customise the dashboard based on which page modules have been added to your website, providing you with the tools you need to keep on top of things.

Manage Pages

Under the Manage Pages section you will find a list of all pages that have already been added to your website. You can search for a particular page using the search field provided or alternatively, sort the column alphabetically by clicking on the respective column heading.

If you need to add a new page, it's as easy as selecting the + Add Page button in the top right corner. From there you will enter all the details for your new page and then publish when you are ready for it to appear live on your website.

Page Layouts

You can select what page layout you would like to use for each page by simply selecting a layout style. There are currently 4 layout styles to choose from.

Page Modules

Once you have selected your page layout you can then select what page modules you want to appear in each section of the page. This is our Two Column (Right Sidebar) for example.

Customise Content

Most of our page modules can be customised based on what content you would like to show. Using our latest news widget as an example, you can specify how many articles you want to show, how many must appear in each row and where the image must be positioned.

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